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209 Main St, Tatamagouche

Fiddleheads Salon for Hair

A Natural Approach to Beauty in a clean and simple way


Lets enhance your natural beauty. We will work together to come up with a unique style that suits your type of hair, who you are, and your lifestyle.



I believe that it is my responsibility to you as a client to research modern trends in beauty, health and products that are kind to humans, animals while being In sync with our environment.

A healthy option for permanent hair colouring

The colour line I have been using for 8 years is the first organically based permanent hair colour gel with the added benefit of having the capability of covering white hair without the use of ammonia. Which means NO smell.

Naturally healthier and happy hair

I have carefully chosen shampoos, conditioners, that are locally sourced, with a wonderful fresh scent that leaves your hair feeling beautiful.

Tatamagouche Hair Salon